Black Vkworld Stone V3 Max Quadruple Phone Anti-low Temperature Ip68 Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof

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1. IP68 Waterproof, true quality
- Stone V3 Max is the first one to feature IP68 water-resistance in Stone Series. To reach the high standards of IP68, we seal every possible gap and seam, and use special water-proof protection for the speaker. There is no gap and seam in this phone. Everything is tight and compact. And finally, Stone V3 Max can resist normal water damage. You don't have to worry about using the phone in rain or shower. Just free yourself.
2. IP68 Dust-proof, complete protection
- Stone V3 Max is so tight and compact that dust, sand and dirt can not get inside the phone. This is very practical when you go out to a desert or gobi for a journey. Stone V3 Max can be the best partner in outdoor trips.
3. 5300mAh super battery, unlimited power
- As a rugged phone, Stone V3 Max is definitely equipped with a huge battery to go with the name of Max. And owing to low-power-consumption chipset and optimized system, the standby time can reach crazy 30 days. And even if you use the phone constantly, the battery can still last for at least one week.
4.Power bank function, endless power supply
- Carrying a heavy power-bank is frustrating. But with Stone V3 Max, you can not only use it as a normal mobile phone, but can also charge other deices with it. It features a USB port for charging. It is pretty helpful when your smartphone dies and you can't surf the Internet, when your tablet runs out and you can't watch movies, or when your camera battery fails and you can't take more precious photos.
5. Low-temperature protection, stand against winter
- Some phones may shut down during cold weather. But Stone V3 Max features low-temperature protection which can bear low temperature in winter. This is a phone born to be used in ice and snow. And it is right for people who work outside all the time and people who like outdoor adventure.
6. Shatter-proof, michelin rubber exterior
- The exterior of Stone V3 Max consists of different composite materials. One the the most important materials is the same rubber that builds Michelin tires. The rubber can protect the phone from dropping and collision. And it can also prevent possible cracks and seams. When the phone hits the ground, the rubber exterior will serve as a buffer and reduce the impact to protect the inside construction.
7. Terrific BOX speaker, dulcet as usual
- BOX speaker is a grand tradition for the Stone Series. Everytime we try to enhance the audio quality for each Stone device, testing every possible standard for making an even better mobile phone speaker. With the brand-new BOX speaker on Stone V3 Max, you can enjoy high-quality music effortlessly with comfort and delight.
8. Brightest LED light, expel darkness
- LED light is also a tradition for Stone Series. This time the LED light is even bigger than even, making the light 20 times brighter than normal camera flash. In the darkest space, Stone V3 Max can be your guiding star.
10. Dual SIM dual standby, TF card expansion.

Model  Stone V3 Max  
SIM Quantity  Dual SIM  
SIM Types  Standard SIM Card  
RAM  64MB  
ROM  64MB  
External memory  TF Card up 8GB (not included)  
Support Language  Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Greek, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai  
Additional Features  FM Radio, Torch  
Type  GSM  
Band  Band (2G): GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz  
Bluetooth  Yes, V2.0  
Screen Size  2.4 inch  
Resolution  320 x 240 pixels  
Camera Quantity  Single  
Back Camera  1.3MP  
Ports  2 x SIM card slots  
Battery Capacity  5300mAh  
Talk time  120 hours  
Standby time  360 hours  
Dimensions & Weight  
Size  130*53*22mm  
Weight  190g  
Package Include  
Package Contents  1 x Phone
1 x User Manual
1 x OTG Cable
1 x Charger  
Package Weight  
One Package Weight  0.28kgs / 0.62lb  
Qty per Carton  40  
Carton Weight  18.50kgs / 40.79lb  
Carton Size  42cm * 34cm * 42cm / 16.54inch * 13.39inch * 16.54inch